4 Digital Transformation Trends To Drive Your Business In 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for nearly all businesses, small or big. Organizations had to navigate through remote working, virtual meets, quickly roll out new services and rethink their key operations just to stay afloat. This change resulted in 69% of organizations accelerating their digital transformation initiatives after realizing that short-term survival is linked to long-term success.

And as 2021 brings new challenges for business owners across borders, organization continue to incorporate these digital trends while developing strategies that can foresee and adapt to challenges in the future. To get you started, we’ve listed down 4 digital trends that you can drive your business forward in 2021.


1. No-Touch Solutions

Digital payments and contactless service have been on the rise ever since the pandemic started and it is likely to continue even after. No-touch solutions have been proven useful as well as customer-friendly, hence it is one of the fastest adapting digital trend to be considered this year.

Restaurants, theatres and shop owners have already adapted contactless solution into their business model due to social distancing norms and regulations. From online payments, QR code scanners for the food menu and ordering service, most of the customer-centric businesses find this trend a reliable solution while servicing customers more efficiently. Right now we have only scratched the surface of contactless solutions, with solid digital infrastructure support and strategy, this digital transformation trend will only move forward.


2. Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is one of the leading trends in the retail and e-commerce industry in 2021. The shift from single-channel retailing to an omnichannel presence gives customers a seamless experience across channels and fulfil their growing demands which help businesses smoothly operate the internal process.

Leveraging omnichannel retailing to influence and drive a customer’s purchase decision for a seamless shopping experience benefits both the customer and the retailer. Hence it is a key digital transformation trend in the industry.


3. Multi-Cloud Architecture

Ever since the pandemic, enterprises are on the hunt for transformation trends and strategy to reduce business continuity risks in the organization in case of another emergency. This has definitely led to the innovation of a multi-cloud solution resulting from a single architecture cloud to a multi-tenant, multi-architecture cloud and hybrid clouds.

Multi-cloud architecture helps enterprises distribute their data, files, applications and workload into two private or public clouds for a seamless continuity within the organisation. And this push towards the adoption of a multi-cloud architecture comes as businesses look for simpler ways to efficiently manage this shift in working with an increased focus on remote work and security.


4. Automation

Automation and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. Only by adopting automation in their process, businesses can increase the pace of digital transformation within the organisation.

With the onset of COVID-19, we can definitely see a rise in the automation process as enterprises are focusing more on digital transformation and automation practices to sustain and grow their business during a pandemic. This can especially be seen in manufacturing and other secondary industries where manual work is being replaced by automation processes for seamless operations.


As much as companies are jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon, it is also important to remember that digital transformation goes beyond technology. So even before you take a step towards digital transformation, you need to set goals that define your digital strategy and focus on what’s best for your business. Use these above trends as a representation of what digital trends can do for your business and figure what will work for your business.

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