One Stop Digital Innovation Platform

Neutrinos bring you a single ecosystem to discover, prototype, build and run any kind of app that can be developed. Neutrinos also offer an ecosystem that encompasses integration, security, protocols for data collection, types of analytics, and support for visualizations to equip customers with a level of flexibility they may have never experienced.

While providing easy deployment and integration abilities, Neutrinos offers scalable, flexible solutions that help businesses address their challenges, needs, and necessities. Some of the solutions Neutrinos offers include a Low-Code Application Platform, Multi-Experience Development Platform, Intelligent Business Process Management, Application Platform As A Service, and Intelligent Document Processing & Integration Solutions.

Neutrinos enable businesses to start their digital transformation journey through innovation, modern methodologies, and scalable modules.


Some of the key outcomes of the platform include:

1) Speed & Agile Delivery: 15X faster speed of implementation than the industry standard. We’re a high-octane app factory with the fastest “time-to-monetization” with no compromise on enterprise-grade quality.

2) Capability & Innovation: Future-proofing apps and UX at the intersection of device, network, and customer-driven data. We invent simple solutions to complex problems with unwavering follow-up & support.

3) Experience Management: 66% improved development productivity and testing efficiency. We create multi-experience and multi-access DX to reinforce and not replace human factors, unleashing creativity, and commercial success.

4) Revenue Growth: 56% reduced license cost and YoY ongoing investments. No Lock-ins. No sunk costs. We ensure your peace of mind with lower costs and lead times and increased quality and flexibility.

With Neutrinos, businesses can deliver innovative web and mobile apps influencing customer-driven experiences now and in the future. With a platform-agnostic approach to power customer-centric apps, organizations can leverage a low-code multi-experience development platform where apps are built once and deployed in multiple environments with ease.